We cannot stress enough how important it is for a puppy to have a regular and pleasant grooming experience from a young age.

Whether they make a general visit or to have a quick brush or bath, the main objective is that the puppy meets the groomer and has a pleasant and trusting experience. This will not only make any future trips to the grooming salon enjoyable and fun for your little furry friend, but also help them in becoming a happy, confident & a well socialized dog.

It can be organized that on their first visit that the puppy just spends a little time at the Salon with Kate, just getting used to the surroundings and being left on their own for short periods of time whilst getting used to being handled or lightly brushed.

The aim of these visits is solely for the puppy to gain confidence at their pace and to make the experience a pleasant one for them whilst getting lots of hugs and cuddles.

It’s not only us humans that respond to a little bit of relaxed TLC! It can work wonders for our new furry family members as well.